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Giti introduced GitiCompete Monster Gravel tire

Giti Tire Breaks Ground for First Plant in North America

Giti Tire Launches the GitiControl SUV880

GitiCompete GTR1 Wraps Up the Racing Season by Exceling at the 2014 Sports Car Festival


A Global Tire Company

Giti Tire offers a complete range of quality tires and exports to over 130 countries. Ranked 10th globally by Tyre Press.

Tires for Any Road, Any Vehicle, Any Journey

Giti Tire innovatively tailors tires to fit every major category of vehicles: passenger cars, SUVs, 4x4s, motorsports, utility, trucks, and buses.

Shareholder Value

Giti Tire focuses on maximizing shareholder value through continuous growth while utilizing responsible management practices.

Corporate Citizenship

Giti Tire focuses on environmental conservation and is committed to partnerships that drive positive social change.

Giti Tire Motorsports

Motorsports is a fantastic opportunity that enables Giti Tire to test tires under extreme conditions.

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