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Strong R&D Capabilities
Our Purpose: To Make World-Class Tires
In 2013, Giti Tire added two new R&D centers in the United States and Germany to its existing three centers in China, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom, further improving R&D capabilities around the world. With a team of more than 600 experienced R&D engineers working closely throughout the five centers, Giti Tire continues to enhance brand competitiveness and brand position.

In addition to conducting research and development, Giti Tire also collaborates with leading research institutes and universities around the world.

International Experience with a Multinational Background
Giti Tire's R&D personnel are made up of more than 20 different nationalities, creating a diverse atmosphere with cumulative knowledge and expertise. When combined with state-of-the-art tools and methods, Giti Tire is enabled to produce technology driven products for improved and sustainable profitability while driving new market opportunities.

Giti ETC (European Technical Center)
Giti Tire has made a significant investment in a European tire testing facility, hosted at the internationally acclaimed MIRA Ltd Proving Ground (previously called Motor Industry Research Association) near Birmingham, UK. The ETC consists of a highly experienced tire testing and development staff, providing development and evaluation capacity to Giti Tire's R&D Centers globally.

Proving Grounds
If indoor testing is successful, tires will be incorporated in one or more of the five Giti Tire proving grounds located in China (Anhui and Taiwan), Indonesia, the United Kingdom, and Finland (for winter tires).

On the test tracks, skilled drivers put tires through the paces to measure:
• Handling and Stability at High Speeds
• Riding Comfort
• Wet Handling
• Braking and Cornering
• Noise Levels (both inside the vehicle and outside)

Only after thoroughly testing these and other areas, the tire can be prepared for sale to consumers. When you purchase a brand produced by Giti Tire, you can do so with confidence in the fact that it was born from one of the most strenuous R&D programs in the tire industry.

Giti Technologies
AdvanZtech is Giti Tire's longstanding core technology of R&D with innovative solutions tailored for diverse consumer expectations and conditions of use.

Environmental Friendly Tires
Today’s motorists are looking for safety, long tread life, fuel savings, and services that make traveling easier.

At Giti Tire R&D – We challenge ourselves not only to deliver a balanced performance of tire safety and durability but also less fuel consumption and to meet the expectations of each customer.

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Download Giti Tire R&D in PDF
- Giti Tire R&D at a Glance
- AdvanZtech - Giti Tire’s Longstanding Core Technology
- State-of-the-Art Testing Facilities
- Proving Grounds
- Giti ETC (European Technical Center)

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