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Giti is passionate about its brand, and always attempts to integrate its key elements in everything that it does.

The Giti brand spirit is incorportated into the Giti Tire family, from our employees to distributors and drivers. The Giti spirit is fun, bold, and never relents in the face of challenges. Here you can see a few examples of our passion for driving and tires.


As one Giti family that includes employees, distributors, and other partners, we share a bond and passion to bringing success to one another. We extend our highest gratitude to all who have been part of our journey!


Giti Brand Look and Feel

The Giti logo and brand is designed to demonstrate its qualities as a premium, durable product, with high quality characteristics. With bold black, yellow, and white colors and eye-catching product and brand imagery, the Giti brand is given a special positioning that is complemented by its unique displays and high-quality products. Whether on a store sign or a special promotional item, we hope to bring passion through our brand.


The Giti Elephant

The elephant is the main symbol of Giti, reflecting the company's long heritage from Indonesia, as well as the elephant's qualities that include durability, resilience, and strength even in challenging situations. It is encouraged to use the symbol to provide amemorable reference point for the brand. You will find Giti's elephant on everything we do, as it helps drive the company to further success.


Enjoy Driving

"Enjoy Driving". These simple two words are more than just an expression: they express the passion of Giti Tire and how the company aspires to be a positive part of every driver's experience. Whether you are a mother driving their family to school or someone transporting goods across the country for business, Giti always hopes to present the best product and service to Enjoy Driving.

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