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Giti Commercial Fleet Stories

Giti tires are utilized by a wide range of fleets on all continents, many of whom have shared their stories of positive results.

giti-fleetGiti focuses on the needs of professional fleet organizations, providing products, maintenance, marketing support, quality monitoring, retreading, technical support, and 24-hours, roadside assistance.

In addition, Giti forms partnerships with fleets to offer an end-to-end complete tire solution services that optimizes operation costs and enhances overall business competitiveness.

Here is a sampling of Giti partners around the world that have used the brand's tires to provide top-class quality to their fleets while keeping costs down.

Here is a sampling of Giti partners around the world that have used the brand's tires to provide top-class quality to their fleets while keeping costs down.

G.Webb Haulage (UK)Webb

Open pits, mines, and quarries have very challenging terrain, and at the same time, require highly mechanized and cost intensive operations. They need tires that can thrive while continually operating under the most arduous of conditions. Caribbean region.

Thompsons of Prudhoe (UK)Thompsons

With nearly 70 years of experience, Thompsons of Prudhoe understands the needs of the earthworks in demolition business. In fact, the company is the leader in their specialty in the North UK.

Van Damme R. Group VDRT (Belgium)Van Damme

Van Damme R. Group VDRT is a well-established, Belgium-based excavation and demolition work company, away providing necessary industrial services.

Acorn Industries (U.A.E.)Acorn

Acorn Industries is one of the largest trailer and fuel tanker manufacturers in the U.A.E. The company manufactures a variety of tankers and trailers, including fuel tankers, chemical tankers, cement bulkers, curtain-side trailers, and many more.

D.M. Consunji, Inc. (Philippines)D-M-Consunji

DMCI is one of the Philippines’ leading holding companies, with investment activities in construction, infrastructure, real estate, mining, water, power. DMCI has constructed a wide variety of projects, including multi-story hotels and condominiums.

Technical Transport Center (Oman)Technical-Transport

Technical Transport Center is based in Oman, and has a fleet size of more than 100 vehicles that focus on transporting land-based oil and gas drilling rigs.

Concrete Plus (Lebanon)concrete

Concrete Plus is a producer and transporter of ready-mixed concrete, delivering it through locations throughout Lebanon. With more than 30 vehicles consistently in service, the company has been utilizing Giti Tire products for more than three years.

Transa S.A. (Peru)transa

TRANSPORTES NACIONALES S.A. (TRANSA) is a very experienced company, focused in providing comprehensive inland transportation solutions, in addition to deployment for mining and construction projects.

CNPC and Sinopec (China)cnpc

Transporting hazardous materials and other dangerous goods requires the most reliable and high-quality tires, due to safety concerns and complex road conditions.

Mashary A AL Mashary (Saudi Arabia)mashary

Mashary A AL Mashary Transportation EST. has been a leading fuel transportation company in Saudi Arabia since 1993. With major routes all throughout the country, they require top vehicles and tires, to effectively move fuel resources.

Sak Transport (Saudi Arabia)sak

SAK Transport was started in 1992, and has become a leading fuel transport company throughout Saudi Arabia. With more than 77 fuel tankers and many important delivery partners, safety and quality is of the upmost performance.

Cotranscopetrol (Colombia)Cotranscopetrol

COTRANSCOPETROL is a 16 year experienced fuel and lube hauling company in Colombia. They have been ranked as part of the top 10 largest heavy truck companies since the last century. Beginning with a focus on crude oil in the east region of Colombia, they launched their hauling operations across the country.

J.K. Horgle (Ghana)jk

J.K. Horgle Transport Co. LTD is a transport company which has been into the haulage of petroleum products for more than 20 years. For more than 10 of those years, they have used Giti/GT Radial tires as a key part of their fleet.

S.O. Frimpong (Ghana)frimpong

Based in Ghana, Africa, S.O. Frimpong is a petroleum transportation fleet, serving major customers like Shell Petrolium and Vivo Energy, among others. They have about 350 vehicles, with nearly half utilizing Giti Tire/GT Radial TBR tires.

Shakoor & Co (Pakistan)Shakoor

Shakoor & Company Limited has been in the transportation business since 1965, and since then has focused themselves in the hazardous liquid and fuel transportation. The company has invested significant energy and resources into this work, and takes quality transportation very seriously.

JZ Enterprises (Pakistan)jz

JZ Enterprises provides a variety of transportation, supply chain, and carrier services to large multinational companies dealing in many industries, ranging from food to fertilizers. JZ has been a quality-focused company for more than 20 years, so in selecting a tire partner, they considered many requirements, namely mileage, reliability, low failure rate, and after sales service support.

P.T. Bartrums (UK)bartrums

Bartrums Warehousing and Distribution operates over 400 tractor units and trailers, specializing in haulage, warehousing, and distribution for blue chip companies requiring full and part load distribution throughout the UK.

Quijote Logistics (Spain)quijote

In 15 years, Spain-based Quijote Logistics has expanded from three trucks to a fleet of 69 vehicles through hard work, enthusiasm, and smart business decisions.

YTO Express (China)yto

With the rapid development of e-commerce in china, the courier industry has grown significantly in recent years. With so many vehicles delivering packages in this fast-paced environment, it is vital to have quality tires that can withstand all types of driving conditions.

George Mouanes & Co. (Lebanon)george

George Mouanes & Co. Trading Company is a Lebanese-based operation that utilizes its Mercedes VM0 vehicles as an integral part of its daily business. Its trucks log a significant 70,000-90,000km each year, meaning that longevity and quality of tires can make a major difference in the company’s operating cost.

Dinet (Peru)dinet

Dinet Peru is a logistics operator with more than 21 years of experience in the Peru market, and enormous prestige nation-wide.


Anji Auto Logistics (China)anji

Anji Auto Logistics Co., Ltd, affiliated to SAIC, is a leader in the China automotive logistics business, providing haulage service to auto parts manufacturers. It has eight branches with around 6,500 vehicles.

Al-Burhan Goods (Pakistan)burhan

Since the 1980’s, Al-Burhan Transport Company has achieved a renowned popularity for its vehicle Transportation Services. Presently Al-Burhan is the largest vehicle Transportation Service provider of Pakistan.

MTM/Pepsi (Lebanon)pepsi

Modern Transportation and Maintenance Company was founded in 1998. It operates in the field of maintenance and transport. It consists of around 250 employees and is one of the important clients of Pepsi Co.

Muller Transport (Netherlands)muller

For more than 75 years, Müller Transport has been in the food transportation business. Based in the Netherlands, the company transports throughout all of Europe with a special focus on the Germany and Benelux markets.

Femsa Logistica (Panama)femsa

FEMSA Logistica is one of the prestigious transportation companies in Panama that provides freight service for a wide variety of goods. Currently, FEMSA Logistica serves Coca-Cola, Estrella Azul, and Feduro among other outstanding companies in Panama.

Importadora K&G (Dominican Rep.)importadora

VINICOLA DEL NORTE has been a leader in the business of beverage production for 54 years. Based in the Dominican Republic, they bring unique and high quality products to the whole Caribbean region.

PT. Satrindo Jaya Agropalma (Indonesia)pt-satrindo

PT. Satrindo Jaya Agropalma, is the Crude Palm Oil transporter service for SMART Palm Oil Plantation in Indonesia. With a large amount of the edible product that needs to be transported throughout the country from the plantation to delivery points, a durable and long-distance tire is needed for the product.

Nottingham Bus Transport (UK)nottingham

Nottingham City Transport operates a bus system transporting passengers throughout the UK city. Following a two-year project to maximize return-on-investment, Giti Tire has been selected for further use for its successful qualities.

China & Hk Bus Companies (China)China

Kowloon Motor Bus Company is Hong Kong’s largest bus company with nearly 4,000 single and double decker buses operating more than 400 bus lines to cover Hong Kong’s Kowloon District, New Territories District, race track, airport, and other crowded routes.

Ronco (Peru)ronco

RONCO PERU was founded in 2000, obeying to the great demand for the touristic transportation in Peru, by covering the north area of the country that means cities of Piura, Catacaos, Sechura, Culucana, Mancora and Chiclayo, but also to the central cities like Andahuaylas and Cusco, but hoping to reach another regions soon.

Bahawalpur Express (Pakistan)

Bahawalpur Express is passenger transport company based in Bahawalpur, Punjab, connecting Bahawalpur to central and north Punjab. They always emphasize on bringing quality transport solution to their clients.

Faisal Motors (Pakistan)Faisal

Faisal Movers is the largest Passenger Transport Company based in Multan central city of South Punjab. They are connecting Multan to all provinces of Pakistan. With there entry into passenger transport segment approximately 15 years ago, they bring revolutionary changes in the segment by bringing modern fleet and customer services culture.

Brook’s Retreading (Australia)brooks

Brook’s Retreading is a well-known and successful commercial tire retreading company, serving the market for more than 40 years. With such long experience, they are experts in the retreading process and identifying durability and quality of truck and bus tires.

BartrumsWarehousing and Distribution (UK)

In October 2010, Bartrums entered into a stringent tire test program with Giti to benchmark the product range against premium brands, and the overall performance and price per kilometer savings was exceptional. Over the last two years, the day-to-day operations and savings have completely justified their decision, and as such Bartrums were more than happy to request the GT876 for their new Wilcox trailer fleet.

Ambrogio Trasporti Spa (Italy)Ambrogio

With more than 900 trailers operating in seven logistical sites throughout Europe, the company pays close attention to selecting tires that improve performance and minimize operating cost. Giti has helped advance the company's transportation process.

Wreford's Transport (UK)wreford

Giti tires, including the GT978+, have returned excellent results for Wreford's Transport, getting more than 310,000km of use for the company. The endurance of the tires, coupled with strong residual values on casings has ensured Giti's role as an integral part of Wreford's fleet, reducing costs and improving product reliability.