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OEM Vehicle Partnerships

Car Tires produced by Giti are featured on more than 565 truck, bus and passenger car models around the world.

Through partnerships with leading global auto manufacturers, Giti has gained strong brand notoriety and the ability for users to experience the satisfaction of its products. This leads to positive word-of-mouth, increased brand recognition, as well as increased replacement market for these patterns.


Giti Tire is proud to be selected by leading auto manufacturers around the world - including General Motors, VW, Renault, Peugeut, and numerous others. Altogether, the company has more than 660 fitments on vehicle models and sizes worldwide, from sporty cars to big trucks.


Passenger Car OEM Partnerships

Giti Tire begans US-Made Tire Fitments for Volkswagon in the US, joining other European models for its passenger car partnership reach. In addition, the company provides nearly all of the top Chinese auto manufacturers with fitments. Altogether, Giti has wide range of OE partnerships with leading manufacturers throughout the world, including in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere to serve any driving needs.


Truck & Bus OEM Partnerships

Giti commercial truck and bus tires provide diverse tire solutions to meet the needs of various road conditions and driving habits, including for more than 400 original fitments worldwide. Giti knows that durability, safety, and efficiency are paramount to companies that need to succeed in daily business while lowering expenses, and focuses efforts on providing positive solutions to the needs of clients.


Awards from Global OEM Partners

Just making tires for our partners is not good enough. Giti always strives to be the best in terms of quality and consistancy. These efforts have been recognized with excellent partner awards from top manufacturers, including GM and many others, and has helped Giti grow its breadth of associated automotive fitment partners over the years.

Unique Product & Service Offerings

Giti Tire offers a full range of products and services to provide confidence to manufacturer and fleet partners. From fleet experts in the field to the most modern technology, Giti is able to provide solutions for all driving needs


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