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Focus on Education

(SDG 4, 8)

Giti Tire takes part in numerous educational activities ranging from young children to graduate students at the world’s top leading universities. They learn important topics such as road safety, science, technology, and international relations. Giti actively encourages participants to develop their interests, and grow their knowledge and experience toward success. Giti aids their growth and development through financial support and partnerships. Giti maintains a relationship of support and community with leading universities in the world such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University, among many others.

Giti holds a variety of educational workshops and activities around the world which helps to increase the knowledge of the youth. These include road safety, understanding of tires, and improvement of the environment and society.

Promoting education and innovation, the United in Diversity Foundation continues to work in the fields of education, innovation and sustainable development and cross-sector leadership capacity building for our common sustainable future with “Tri Hita Karana” which means spiritual, ecological and social harmonies.

Supporting Executive Education Through
Innovation and Imagination

The Giti Group supports the Tsinghua X-Lab through providing network platform construction, resources and expert support. Aside from that, The Giti Tire officials have officially announced the debut of its Math and Science program. This created an eco-friendly solution that can be used by the community which started in the beginning of the school year with Math and Science Clubs being formed at 11 participating schools.

Polytechnic GT offers full scholarships to talented underprivileged students with good academic records. In 2019 alone, Polytechnic GT received 150 students from 1740 applicants from 22 provinces in Indonesia. PTGT started special classes for its employees with full-scholarships for an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Thousands of graduates have found futures and employment in various manufacturing and service industries. The prime objective is to improve the competency and to build future leaders.

Growing Future Global Leaders Through Education

Giti student safety activity in Lebanon

Giti Tire partakes in numerous educational activities and partnerships, ranging from young children to graduate degree students at the world’s leading universities. By giving opportunities to learn important topics relating to road safety, science, technology, and international relations, Giti is able to actively involve participants to develop their interests and grow successfully.

Student at Giti's US production facility

Regardless of where they are based or the economic backgrounds they come from, all children have similar needs to grow their talents and hobbies. This is why Giti has actively involved students to grow through financial support and partnerships.

Math & Science student competition in the US

For example, Giti’s new production center presence in South Carolina, USA, has given the opportunity to reach the local community through activities like annual Math & Science competitions and factory tours. This goes in hand with other initiatives around the world to help grow the leaders of tomorrow.