Focus on Education

Giti knows that our youth is the most important future resource, and dedicates great efforts to fostering the leaders of tomorrow through education.


Growing Future Global Leaders Through Education

Giti Tire partakes in numerous educational activities and partnerships, ranging from young children to graduate degree students at the world’s leading universities. By giving opportunities to learn important topics relating to road safety, science, technology, and international relations, Giti is able to actively involve participants to develop their interests and grow successfully.

Regardless of where they are based or the economic backgrounds they come from, all children have similar needs to grow their talents and hobbies. This is why Giti has actively involved students to grow through financial support and partnerships. For example, Giti’s new production center presence in South Carolina, USA, has given the opportunity to reach the local community through activities like annual Math & Science competitions and factory tours. This goes in hand with other initiatives around the world to help grow the leaders of tomorrow.

  • A:Giti student safety activity in Lebanon
  • B:Math & Science student competition in the US
  • C:Student group photo at Giti's US production facility