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Racing Team - Giti’s Angels

This ensured the Giti Girls Only team as the first completely female team ever to win a race in international competition.


gitis-angels-logoIn 2019, Giti Tire debuted a truly trailblazing ‘Girl’s Only’ racing team of all-female drivers, coach, and crew. These Giti’s Angels brought their took on their 300 WV Golf VII GTI vehicle to 10 races at Germany’s Nürburgring circuit – including the VLN series and the world famous 24-Hours Nürburgring. After a series of terrific performances that including an inspiring comeback at the 24-Hours Nürburgring, the highlight of the season came during the final VLN Endurance race in October, as the team achieved a first place group finish in the race.

Following such an exciting season, Giti Tire is thrilled to announce the return of the Giti’s Angels team – bringing back coach Ellen Lehmann along with a talented line-up of drivers which includes Carrie Schreiner, Laura Kraihammer, and Celia Martin. To ring in the announcement, the team also debuted their car design for 2020, a unique and eye-catching blend of yellow and black to create futuristic appearance.

To kick off the season, the Giti Team will take to the track of Nürburgring for VLN Endurance action on March 21, April 4, and April 18. This will be followed by 24-Hours qualification races from April 25-26, leading up to the headline 24-Hours Nürburgring race on May 21-24. Taking place at the “Green Hell” Nürburgring Grand Prix Racetrack – the longest track in the world – the 24-Hours Race is among the toughest and most famous endurance races globally, with this year’s event attended by 230,000 spectators throughout the weekend.

With such a strong team with a full year of experience under their belt, the Giti’s Angels team has high hopes for an excellent 2020 performance to expand on their groundbreaking success.