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Green Production

(SDG 6, 7, 9, 12)

As the social and environmental impacts of climate change, resource depletion, and biodiversity loss become more pronounced, the Giti Group has established a framework to address these challenges within it's operations that allow continued contribution to the larger community.

Creating More Environmentally Friendly Products


Go Green Production

Giti Tires

Giti provides fuel-efficient passenger and truck car tires, designed to reduce fuel consumption and environmental costs. This includes US EPA SmartWay certification for most of its truck and bus line of products.

Using a set of tractor-trailers as an example, the fuel consumption of driven steer wheels accounts for 15-20% of the overall fuel consumption, while the driving wheels account for 30-40% and trailer wheels account for 40-50% respectively.

Using Innovative Production Methods to
Reduce Waste and Better Conserve Energy

1. Giti always sticks to sustainable development.

2. Only environmentally responsible way of production can create truly excellent products.

3. Giti always upholds the philosophy of environmental protection, to continue constantly promoting environmental protection measures and improving environmental management system.

4. Reduce the impact on the environment at every procedure of the production.

Global Manufacturing Results
(2017 - 2020)