Giti Tires Race Highlights in Recent Years | Giti Tire

Race Highlights

Throughout the years, Giti Tire has had a great deal of success on and off the track. Below are just a few of the highlights in recent years!


Giti Wins Pikes Peak Hill Climb USA with Hall of Fame Driver Tajima ‘Monster’ Nohuhiro

This ‘Race to the Clouds’ in Colorado Springs, USA takes drivers over 156 turns, climbing 1,440 meters, and requires a super durable vehicle and tires to traverse.   Partnering with legendary Japanese driver ‘Monster’ Nohuhiro, Giti Tire showed great resiliency in the race over four years participating, including winning First Place in the electric devision at the 2013 edition of the event.




Champion of the Mohe Ice and Snow Rally

Giti Tire’s race team traveled through the most severe terrains with the GitiCompete series for SUV 4x4 challenge in the freezing cold and ice of Mohe. Mohe is a country name in the northernmost of China with a subartic climate which average temperatures stay below freezing for a total of nearly seven months of the year. In the end, Giti’s GTR X-Grip tires led the team to be the Overall Champion in the Mohe Ice and Snow  Cross Country Rally Championship (Petrol Group).



First Place in 12 Hours Malaysia Race

With a team of global drivers, the Giti Tire team won the 2015 Sepang 12 Hours Endurance Race Group GTC champtionship in its customized Lambourghini with GitiCompete GTR1 tires. Competing against the most famous tire and vehicle companies, the event is a test of burning sun, torrential rain, and speed curves.



Shredding the Deserts of Asia

The GitiCompete Desert1 took on the 10th Taklimakan Rally, a 13 day journey through the tough northwest terrain of Xinjiang, spanning 4,600 km over dunes, rocks, and mud. This tough event attracted a large entry of 120 cars, with less than half making it across the finish line!



Conquering the Borneo Jungles in Style

Giti Tire competed in in the 2016 Borneo Safari in Sabah, Malaysia, carrying a team of Mitsubishi Tritons through deep mud, jagged rocks, and forest obstacles. The  GitiCompete4x4 Extreme1 finished on schedule after several days on the intense journey.


Giti Achieves Great Success at 24 Hours Nürburgring

From 2017-2019, Giti Tire put together a string of highly successful performances at the world-famous 24 Hours Nürburgring event, held in Germany each year. This including a highly impressive 2nd Place class finish in its Lambourghini debut performance, as well as a dominating #1/#2 win from its Audi R8 duo in 2019.

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All-Female Giti Team Breaks Global Records

The Giti’s Angels team debuted with their VW Golf racer in 2019, as an amazing group of all-female drivers, coach, and crew. This groundbreaking team gained international recognition from their highly inspirational 24 Hours Nürburgring race, and was the first all-female team to win their class in international racing in the final VLN Endurance race of 2019.

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