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Physical factory trips to Giti factories and R&D centres were sadly put on hold due to the global pandemic. But innovation and progress at Giti continued unabated despite the challenges. How can we share our impressive developments with all the detail and depth our ongoing journey deserves?

We welcome you now to embark with us as we create journeys across the world; from Indonesia to Singapore, to China, to USA and beyond, visiting first-class facilities, R&D centres and classrooms.

Giti’s new Virtual Reality (VR) Tours and experiences bring all the richness and progress of Giti to life with incredible fidelity and immersion, showcasing the best of everything Giti direct to customers and employees like never before.

What to Experience?

Where can you go in Giti’s VR Tours? It is your choice where to start and what to see! Factory and Research and Development (R&D) centre tours are available for China, Indonesia, Singapore, Germany, and USA; featuring 360-degree views, the ability to travel through the 3D spaces, videos and more dynamic content.

Why not start with a travel back in time to Giti’s origins in the “Giti Heritage” room highlighting 70 years of our history and milestones. Or transport yourself to Giti’s Singapore headquarters of today in the “Factory Tour” room in the Singapore section. Each country’s VR rooms have unique experiences to explore.

Feeling a little more high speed? Take a visit to the “Motorsports Gallery” with multiple videos and content highlighting Giti’s many exciting racing activities. The VR gallery helps bring focus on the dedication of the professional drivers, teams and Giti’s world-class advanced design, automated processes and production techniques.

Eager to learn? Jump into Giti’s latest technological innovations with special video content on AdvanZtech in the VR tour Main Hall, or check out more content there highlighting Giti’s great achievements in Green Manufacturing.

On the Horizon

Giti is further developing its Giti Global-One Facilities & Manufacturing Tour virtual classroom which will pro-actively guide customers from one country to another to virtually visit all of Giti’s factories and world-class facilities. The virtual classroom will be offered in local physical venues via high-tech VR headsets. The all-in-one headsets will open a gateway to hundreds of unique Giti Tires experiences.

A Future of Innovation

With Giti’s Virtual Reality Tours the incredible richness of our history, dedication and advancements are all brought to life for customers, partners and employees alike.

These VR experience initiatives are able to expand the global reach and ability for Giti to engage with across digital platforms. It is also particularly relevant right now, as many people have not travelled for too long due to the pandemic and are seeking inspiration to visit our factories and R&D centres in the virtual world. Using such a dynamic and innovative medium is emblematic of Giti’s future focus and ambitions.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be in a virtual setting?

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