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Off-Road Racing

Giti Tire takes on some of the toughest and most unique outdoor racing conditions, not letting mountains, jungles, deserts, or snow get in the way of achieving success.


From the mountain-tops of the US to the deserts of China and the jungles of Malaysia, Giti has demonstrated success to take on any terrain and elevation! With specially designed tires for rock, sand, and snow terrains, Giti accepts the challenge of taking in new areas as it brings its tires around the world

Here you can see some of the excitement of past races, and keep an eye out for new off-road challenges!


Through the Dirt & Jungles

Giti Tire goes where others fear, off the road and through water, rocks, and dirt with the passion to never stop. This includes the Borneo challenge in Malaysia, as well as other off-road adventures in China and elsewhere around the world.

Dig Deep with Giti’s Jungle Action

This robust off-road tread pattern engineered to maximize off-road performance


Into The Deserts

In the desert, the heat and sand can easily stop strong vehicles in their tracks. To succeed, a strong and efficient tire is needed, and Giti its proud to provide options to take these on, as shown in past racing action in Australia, South America, and Asia.

Heat Up with Giti’s Desert Action

Taking on the dunes and other obstacles in some of the world’s roughest conditions


Traversing the Snow

From the ultra-high heat of deserts down to the snow and ice of biting winters, a different type of tire must be used to conquer the cold and frozen terrains. Such a tire has been used by Giti traversing China in the Mohe Cross-Country Rally Championship.

Brave the Snow with Giti

Freezing cold and blizzards are not enough to stop this championship snow and ice competition tire