A Message From the Executive Chairman and Managing Director

Giti Tire is committed to focusing on its strengths to withstand global challenges and become even stronger than ever.

Welcoming a New Decade of Excellence

Giti Tire enters 2020 after having a highly successful decade, achieving strong financial and commercial achievements. This includes strong growth in revenue and market share, highly improved products and technology, as well as inspiring motorsports victories. Giti opened up new offices globally, a new production center in the US, as well as a full proving ground in Indonesia. Meanwhile, Giti has maintained its focus on the community and environment, contributing millions of dollars to such causes, while also significantly reducing waste and creating more efficient products.

In 2020 and beyond, we plan to continue this strong momentum. However, doing so will not be easy - and will require the combined hard work of all of Giti’s team and employees. New economic and geo-political changes around the world continue to emerge, which provide challenges but also opportunities. By continuing to grow a strong and reputable company of consistent high quality products and services – while embracing new technologies and digital focus - we believe that Giti Tire can emerge stronger than ever.

The road of the future is not without roadblocks – but is bright nonetheless. We look forward to continuing to being the best company possible as we move into this new decade.



Dr. Enki Tan
Executive Chairman of Giti Tire 

A Focus on Quality and Healthy Growth

To be a continuously strong and financially successful company, Giti Tire remains committed to being both consistent in its mission, while also having flexibility to global conditions. That means a strong reliance both on the quality of its products, service, and information - while also continuing to embrace and grow its partner relationships. In challenging times, the determination to keep focus on these key goals are even more important.

Giti’s distributor, dealer, OEM, and other partners are absolutely vital to the company’s success. Through both enhancing existing partnerships and gaining new opportunities, Giti hopes to continue providing win-win situations that truly benefit all involved. This includes engagement on both global and local levels, expansion of retail networks, and embracing the newest technologies and platforms that can provide the best value and advantages. Meanwhile, Giti Tire will continue putting in significant resources to enhance strong brand recognition, product and information support, top global motorsports engagement, and community-benefiting initiatives.

Regardless of global and competitive changes, Giti’s mission of providing top quality products, services, and partnerships remains unchanged.



Lei Huai Chin
Managing Director