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Digital Focus

Giti works hard to build up strong digital engagement in today's always moving world

The world is evolving faster than ever, and it is extremely important to stay on top of digital trends and development, in order to stay relevant and successful in the marketplace. Giti Tire does this through a three-pronged approach, focused on end-users, distributors, and employees.


With so much advancement in the area of digital technology, it is ever-more important to be adaptable to changes in the industry and marketplace. To stay on top of trends and be a leader in this area, Giti Tire puts a great investment into digital marketing and technology, from distributor customers to end-users, and even internal employees. By utilizing a range of carefully chosen platforms, efficiency is improved in today’s dynamic and global environment.


End-User Drivers

For end-users, a digital impact is hugely important. Social media, websites, and other instant communication has become the norm in today's world. To address this, Giti Tire offers a wide range of touch-points to end-users, from a variety of informational, branding, and social platforms on a global and local level. This also includes involving in enduser e-commerce platforms, as well as the fast growing mobile phone market users.


Dealers & Employees

On the distributor level, Giti Tire offers expansive resources, including the ability to order tires, download items, get promotional items, and access a variety of other information - all in one place. This is in addition to variety of other technical tools and apps. For employees, a number of digital tools are also utilized to help improve efficiency. These help to make the workplace more comfortable, interactive, and successful, whether in the office, research center, or factory.

Engaged & Active Social Media

Giti offers social media channels on a global and local level, to help entertain, educate, and keep fans feeling connected. This inclues a special focus on videos, as well as giveaways, games, and more surprises!

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