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Company Strategy

Giti Tire has an integrated strategy to ensure both short term results and a long term successful vision that benefits its employees, partners, drivers, and communities.

Giti Tire knows that quality and consistency depends on the care of each employee, facility, and activity. Because of this, the company orientates itself to focus on three key areas which include Top Quality Production and Innovation, Facilitating Employee Innovation and Growth, and Being a Responsible Corporate Partner.


Quality and Consistent Manufacturing is at the heart of what Giti does. Our distributors and drivers rely on the best products, which require extensive research, manufacturing equipment, materials, human resources, and quality control to meet the high demands of today’s consumers.

  • Top Quality Production and Innovation


    Reliable Products

    Delivering value, reliable performance, and top quality.


    Bringing insights, innovation, and creativity to the continuous process of building and improving our trusted brands.

    Quality Services

    Listening to our customers and striving to meet or exceed their needs and expectations, in a service-focused environment.


    Engaging with our customers and building long-term relationships with superior value in our partnerships, built on a foundation of integrity.

  • Facilitating Employee Innovation and Growth



    Embracing a winning spirit, sharing skills, demanding integrity, focusing on priorities, and becoming a workplace of choice.


    Encouraging personal growth through skills training, development, and career advancement opportunities.


    Building on a culture of continuous improvement, we encourage our people to share knowledge and experience in an environment that builds trust,creating an open communication channel that transcends boundaries.

  • Being a Responsible Corporate partner


    Shareholder Value

    Maximizing shareholders’ value through continuous growth and upholding our market leadership in the industry, while being upported by responsible management practices.


    Achieving sustainable growth while being mindful of our responsibility to the environment and the people who live in it.

    Corporate Governance

    Embracing full responsibility to our stakeholders, we are committed towards the highest levels of integrity, business ethics, and transparency.

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