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Off-Road Application Tires

If you need commercial fleet tires to take on the toughest off-road conditions, Giti has a solution for you.

Off-Road Application

For off-road conditions such as mining, quarries, and severe rocky terrains, a specially enforced tire is required. This is because such conditions provide high-wear and potential damage.

By focusing the tire compound and sidewall design for off-road industrial driving, Giti Tire can tailor a solution for you, that is both durable and can provide strong mileage and savings over time with your fleets, by reducing damage, replacements, and wear from driving. 


  • One Way Travel Distance is Around 50 Kms.
  • 80% Off-Road and 20% On-Road.
  • 50% or More Over Loading. 
  • Vehicle Annual Mileage – 15,000 Kms to 36,000 Kms.
  • Average Speed is Below 50 Kms at Full Load.