Regional Application Tires

Regional Application Tires

Giti Tire is here to support regional fleets that require attention to both distance and more flexible low-speed driving conditions.

Regional Application

Regional tires require a combination of long-distance durability, as well as shorter distance driving strengths. This requires a tire compound and tread that maintains areas of strengths for both types of driving, to maximize cost-per-kilometer running.

Giti’s offerings include its CombiRoad tire technology, that incorporates areas of both aspects into its full research, manufacturing, and testing process. Depending on your type of fleet, usage, and other areas – a wide range of regional tires can support in your needs.


  • One Way Travel Distance is Between 100 - 500 Kms. 
  • Vehicle Annual Mileage – 50,000 Kms to 130,000 Kms.
  • One Way Distance Includes Rough Roads Such as Gravel or Muddy Roads etc. About 1-2 Kms.
  • Average Speed is Between 50 – 80 Kms at Full Load