Employee Health & Wellness

“Professional, Authentic, and Applicable” are the main three whales of the Giti employee development.

Improving Health and Wellness of Employees and their Global Communities










In 2018, Giti Tire continued to attach great importance to the occupational health and safety of employees, and based on considerations of the efficiency of factory operation, implemented further improved health and safety management techniques. All factories utilize OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management requirements and safety production standardization certification to make safety the top priority of its facilities.

In order to enhance the awareness of employees' safety at work and achieve its goal of no injuries, Giti incorporated its "Giti Tire Environmental Health and Safety Management Guidelines", into putting forward an internal audit of environment, health, and safety to improve the overall performance of the group's related activities. In addition, Giti has set up an online training platform for its EHS network, offering a number of professional courses related to environmental health and safety, which enhance the knowledge and skills of group managers and EHS professionals.


The company has also developed and built an internal sharing website for environmental health and safety information, which is also conducive to better information communication, data collection, and experience-sharing among employees. Giti also established a reward mechanism for the group's environmental health and safety. The annual environmental health and safety leading factories, teams, and individuals earn awards that have been set up to encourage employees to take an active part in the construction of safety culture. At the same time, Giti Tire holds best practices of communication and sharing every quarter, so that factories can learn from each to improve all levels of environmental health and safety management.

The EHS department also sends emails to all employees every two weeks, including short journals and training activities relating to environmental health and safety knowledge, which helps to better educate team-members. Only through utilizing all methods and activities can the company maximize the awareness of employees' health and safety and achieve the purpose of education.

World Class Green Production and Lean Manufacturinggiti-award

Giti Tire always adheres to the concept of "green production and lean manufacturing" for sustainable development, and constantly expands its strategic layout of globalization, forming world-class green factories for tire manufacturing. At present, Giti tire has eight tire manufacturing plants in the world, which are located in China, Indonesia, and the United States, and have 35,000 employees from more than 20 countries.

From the raw materials, rubber mixing, spare parts preparation, tire formation, and vulcanization to final inspection, Giti has created a world-class green standard tire manufacturing process and supply chain system. Relying on the three principles of reduction, reuse, and recycling, Giti minimizes environmental pollution and waste emissions, improves resource utilization, and provides energy saving, environmental protection and high quality green tire products for global consumers.

Giti’s manufacturing always adheres to the unified GES excellent manufacturing management system, combining quality management, EHS environmental health and safety management, and cost management and personnel training- forming efficient, standardized production, quality management, and tire quality control management systems- so as to ensure that tires produced are in line with green standards for sustainable development and create green products that really satisfy users' needs. Giti factories have obtained ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certifications.