Message from the Executive Chairman & Managing Director | Giti Tire

A Message From Giti Executives - 2021

Giti Tire is committed to focusing on its strengths to withstand global challenges and become even stronger than ever.

Digitalization Highlights Giti’s Growth in a New World

Throughout the years, Giti Tire has continuously focused on positioning itself to be forward-thinking and adaptable in various situations that arise. This was put to the test in 2020, as the world and tire industry experienced unexpected change that influenced business and consumer behavior. As a result of Giti’s flexible and digital mindset, the company has been able to come out from the pandemic well-positioned for continued growth.

Digitalization truly came to the forefront in 2020, and provided a  perfect opportunity for Giti Tire to revamp its digital offerings - including a new global website, expanded B2B ordering platform, e-racing, and advanced mobile solutions for employees, dealers,  and end-users.

Meanwhile, Giti continues to put a major focus on Corporate Social Responsibility - participating in many efforts to support communities during the pandemic, reducing factory waste, and  joining new partner organizations.

Together with our team, partners, and customers, Giti Tire is  always continuing to expand further as a leader in the fields of tires and technology. As we move past the pandemic and into the new digital world, we are confident to engage successfully in  opportunities for the years ahead.



Enki Tan
Executive Chairman of Giti Tire 



Continued Success Through Partnerhips & Quality

In the highly competitive global tire market,  Giti  Tire  takes  an approach of providing top quality products, service, and information - as well as fully engaging with and growing its partner relationships. Through  this,. the company  is able to emerge as financially viable and keep continuously improving brand reputation.

With the triad of exceptional products, service, and information to  focus quality on, Giti provides valuable resources to its customers that cannot be matched by many others. This has been earned through extensive research and development of the company's R&D network, testing, and integration with motorsports, as well  as always listening to our customers' needs.

From a partnership standpoint, Giti's dedication to fostering long-­ term relationships is one reason why a large number of distributors have been part of the "Giti Family" for many years and even decades. This dedication is also brought to local dealers,  fleets, and consumers as the company works to grow the personal  bond and trust between all involved. Only with this long-term dedication to both quality and partnerships will Giti continue to  grow as a leader in its field, and a continually successful business.



Lei Huai Chin
Managing Director