Fun Cup

UK Fun Cup Series

Giti Tire participates at the UK Fun Cup series for the third time supplying Volkswagen Beetles with everything needed. 

Giti Combines Racing Excitement and Family in its 5th UK Fun Cup Series


In its fifth year of UK Fun Cup sponsorship, Giti provides its GitiCompete GTR2 street/circuit racing tire to support the exciting and fun track action of modiied Volkswagen Beetles. In addition, Giti branding is displayed on each car, and branded activities are held during the events to share about Giti to attendees. One strength of the series is the friendly and fun atmosphere at each of the events. It brings together serious race fans, families, and casual observers all together in one environment. And despite the small size of the vehicles, they pack a ton of speed and action into their packages, providing exciting action for those who experience it in person. In addition, the Fun Cup also receives widespread promotion, from motorsports magazines to daily newspapers,


Utilizing the GitiCompete GTR2 street/circuit racing tire, this unique race lives up to its name with exciting and fun track action of modified Volkswagen Beetles. What the vehicles lack in size, they make up for in speed, durability, and entertainment. In addition, Giti Tire has had a partnership with Team BRIT through the race series, a charity set up to inspire veterans with disabilities, PTSD, and mental health issues by demonstrating what can be achieved through motorsports.