Motorsports Technology


Giti’s top-level racing technology and testing works in tandem to bring the best performance to everyday drivers around the world.

Giti Tire unites a team of its experts and engineers at each race to make sure that its tires and teams are prepared for the unique track and weather conditions. These top racing tires have more benefits than just providing wins on the track, they enhance the technology for all of Giti's offerings.


The racetrack is the ‘Ultimate Proving Ground’, helping to test and refine the technology, which is analyzed and engineered into making the safest, best tires for everyday drivers.


Breaking Limits

By taking on the toughest challenges, Giti tire is able to break barriers for motorsports technology. Whether in extreme desert or snow racing or competitions against top racers for 24 hours straight, stretching the limits is the best way to grow. An example of this is Giti's recent addition of Commercial Truck racing, which brings new advancements to the commercial truck and bus tires that Giti offers.

Upcoming Motorsports Events

Want to check out these tires in action? Giti has a wide range of events each year to continue bringing top technology to Motorsports and consumer supply efforts.

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