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GitiComfort F50

A safe and silent SUV offering to keep the whole family comfortable and at peace. Enjoy the fuel and energy savings while having an always reliable tire that achieves success in all driving conditions, including wet roads.

Rim Size
16 - 20*
Aspect Ratio
45 - 65
Speed Rating
210 - 240 km/h

Tire Structure



Accurately adjusted tread pattern block length and sorting order, realizing spectrum adjustment of pattern

-Reduces pattern noise, improving the ride comfort

- Multi-angle design of pattern grooves, to effectively suppress tire ground noise:
Reduces noise caused by pumping effect

- Silent design of tire outline and construction, and intelligent simulation evaluation method:
Reduces noise caused by tire construction vibration


- Dispersion-improved nano-silica reinforcing material, drastically reducing the amount of friction
- Restrains rising temperatures and reduces heat from tires, to save energy and fuel


- Improved hydrophilic compound, combining with the sipe system to break through residual water film:
Increases the ground area, improving grip strength on wet surfaces


How to read your tire?
Size PR Speed Rating Load Index Sidewall
16 215/65R16 NA H 98 BSW
16 215/65R16 NA V 98 BSW
17 215/60R17 NA H 96 BSW
17 215/65R17 NA V 99 BSW
17 225/60R17 NA H 99 BSW
17 225/65R17 NA H 102 BSW
17 235/55R17 NA V 99 BSW
17 235/65R17 NA V 104 BSW
18 215/55R18 NA H 95 BSW
18 215/55R18 NA V 95 BSW
18 225/55R18 NA V 98 BSW
18 225/60R18 NA H 100 BSW
18 225/60R18 NA V 100 BSW
18 235/55R18 NA V 100 BSW
18 235/60R18 NA H 103 BSW
18 235/65R18 NA V 106 BSW
19 225/55R19 NA H 99 BSW
19 235/50R19 NA V 99 BSW
19 235/55R19 NA V 101 BSW
19 235/60R19 NA H 107 BSW
20 255/45R20 NA H 101 BSW