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GitiControl P80

Experience GitiControl P80, Giti’s high-performance offering designed for premium vehicles. Combining top technology and advanced wet/dry handling, the P80 is available in both standard and RunFlat versions, providing drivers with the upmost control.

Rim Size
18 - 22*
Aspect Ratio
35 - 55
Speed Rating
240 - 300 km/h

Tire Structure


Comfortable While Driving

Sufficient elastic of support ring, faster convergence while pulsation:
More comfortable in a normal tire pressurep

Precise Control

- Strong Cap ply with Aramid Fiber, with sidewall reinforce design:
Strengthen the crown and side wall, to improve the control performance

- Strong double-layer artificial silk materials:
Enhance the impact of force of carcass and better control

- 3.5 mm high “guardrail” protection bar:
Blocks gravels to reduce sidewall damage

Shorter Wet Braking Distance

- Soft and smooth tread rubber with multi materials:
Enhanced grip on wet ground


How to read your tire?
Size PR Speed Rating Load Index Sidewall
18 255/55R18 NA W 109 BSW
19 235/55R19 NA W 101 BSW
19 255/50R19 NA W 107 BSW
19 255/55R19 NA W 111 BSW
20 255/45R20 NA W 101 BSW
20 255/50R20 NA V 109 BSW
20 255/55R20 NA W 110 BSW
20 265/45R20 NA Y 104 BSW
20 265/50R20 NA V 111 BSW
20 285/45R20 NA Y 112 BSW
21 275/45R21 NA W 110 BSW
21 295/35R21 NA Y 107 BSW
22 265/40R22 NA V 106 BSW
22 265/45R22 NA V 109 BSW