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GitiSport GTR3

Tuned For Thrilling Racetrack Performance, Crafted For Daily Utility Excellence.

Rim Size
17 - 22"*
Aspect Ratio
30 - 45"
Speed Rating
W - Y km/h

Tire Structure


Motorsport-derived Compound

Ensures Maximum Grip on Dry Roads/Tracks

Formulated to strike a balance between racetrack performance and everyday usability

Precise Handling

Reinforced with Rayon and Aramid materials

Strengthened Casing Structure
Maintains casing structure stability across varying speed

High-Speed superb stability

Higher Lateral G Force Resistance

High Lateral Stiffness Offers:
• Exceptional Grip and Precise Handling During Cornering


How to read your tire?
Size PR Speed Rating Load Index Sidewall
17 225/45ZR17 NA W 94 BSW
18 225/40ZR18 NA W 92 BSW
18 255/35ZR18 NA W 94 BSW
18 265/35ZR18 NA W 97 BSW
19 235/35ZR19 NA Y 91 BSW
19 245/35ZR19 NA Y 93 BSW
19 265/35ZR19 NA (Y) 98 BSW
19 305/30ZR19 NA (Y) 102 BSW
19 325/30ZR19 NA (Y) 101 BSW
20 245/35ZR20 NA (Y) 95 BSW
20 265/35ZR20 NA (Y) 95 BSW
20 295/30ZR20 NA (Y) 101 BSW
20 305/30ZR20 NA (Y) 103 BSW