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GitiSport S1

The GitiSport S1 is a pure UHP tire designed to satisfy the needs of the tough driving condition. Exceptional grip, short braking distances in wet conditions, are among the key features of this product.

Rim Size
16 - 21*
Aspect Ratio
30 - 60
Speed Rating
240 - 300 km/h

Tire Structure


Exceptional Handling

- Innovative new tread compound for extremely short braking distances

- Balanced, stiff shoulders for precise steering and immediate response

- Optimized pattern block geometry & sequence for low noise and smooth riding

Wet Driving Safety

- 4 Wide grooves for exceptional water drainage

- The GitiSport innovative compound uses a wet grip elastomer (a polymer with a high density) that gives it a superb flexibility.The result is a superb result in wet braking, confirmed by the tire A wet label grading

Durability Mileage

- The usage of a long life elastomer, the compound is characterised by a high resistance to wear

- The curved shoulder design of GitiSport enables it to cut into the water, maximise the total contact area with the road and delays the onset of aquaplaning

- The extensive usage of Silica results in a reduced low energy loss


How to read your tire?
Size PR Speed Rating Load Index Sidewall
17 245/40R17 NA Y 91 BSW
18 275/40R18 NA Y 99 BSW