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GitiSynergy E2

Optimized for Electric and ULRR-focus vehicles, this Ultra-Low Rolling Resistance tire combines smooth driving, low-energy usage, and advanced design to take performance to new limits.

Rim Size
19 - 20*
Aspect Ratio
55 - 70
Speed Rating
160 - 210 km/h

Tire Structure


Narrow section

- Reduced drag, better aerodynamics
- Reduced rolling resistance
- Reduced tire deformation

High Aspect ratio

- Increased circumference
- Increase contact patch (+14% vs a standard 205/55R16)
- Improved handling

Large Diameter

- Reduced tyre deformation
- Improved rolling resistance

Specific low energy compound

- Reduced Rolling resistance
- Long lasting wear life
- Outstanding grip on dry and wet roads

New Pattern design

- Advanced pitch ratio for silent tyres
- Specific 3 wide grooves for water evacuation
- Hard shoulder blocks for dry handling


How to read your tire?
Size PR Speed Rating Load Index Sidewall
19 155/70R19 NA Q 84 BSW
20 195/55R20 NA H 95 BSW