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GitiUtility 668 V1

The GitiUtility 668v1 is a modern and highly popular commercial light truck pattern, focused on durability and mileage that enhances your driving efficiency and experience.

Rim Size
Aspect Ratio
Speed Rating
140 km/h

Tire Structure



- Double-layer high-strength steel belt and high-strength nylon cap ply:
Enhanced tread rigidity, eliminating deformation

- FEA construction:
Optimizes and uniformly distributes contact pressure
Improve wear performance
Good performance against irregular wear

- Strong bead design:
Improved bead durability, delivering longer service life

- Applied high modulus and low-shrink polyester ply:
Strong casing, delivering good load carrying performance for longer service life

- Shallow sipe design:
Good wet grip


How to read your tire?
Size PR Speed Rating Load Index Sidewall
13 6.00R13LT 10PR N 98/93 BSW
14 6.00R14LT 10PR N 100/96 BSW
15 6.00R15LT 10PR N 101/97 BSW
16 6.50R16LT 10PR N 107/102 BSW
16 7.00R16LT 12PR N 115/110 BSW
16 7.50R16LT 14PR N 122/118 BSW