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GitiVan 600B

"New generation commercial tire with improved wear and durability for heavy usage on all roads"

Rim Size
12 - 17*
Aspect Ratio
60 - 75
Speed Rating
140 - 190 km/h

Improves overall handling, lowers irregular wear, and increases tire life.

Combination of tread compound, pattern design, and overall casing structure that significantly improves tire durability and rigidit

Tire Structure



Large Shoulder Block with Integrated Sipes

- Comfortable and quiet drive

Circumferential Rib Designed with Lateral Sipes

- Excellent grip on both wet and dry road condition. Lower noise level and improve mileage for longer service.

Three wide Circumferential Grooves

- Effective dispense water. Reduce aquaplaning and better handling on wet road confition


How to read your tire?
Size PR Speed Rating Load Index Sidewall
12 145R12C LT 8PR N 86/84 BSW
12 155R12C LT 8PR R 88/86 BSW
14 195R14C LT 10PR Q 110/108 BSW
14 205/75R14C LT 10PR S 113/111 WR
14 205R14C LT 10PR Q 113/111 BSW
16 215/65R16C 8PR T 109/107 BSW
16 215/65R16C LT 8PR T 109/107 BSW
16 215/65R16LT 12PR T 113/110 BSW
17 235/60R17C LT 10PR T 117/115 BSW
17 235/60R17LT 10PR T 112/109 BSW