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GitiXross HT71

A next-generation high-mileage tire specially designed for pick-ups and on-road SUVs.

Rim Size
17 - 20*
Aspect Ratio
55 - 70
Speed Rating
190 - 240 km/h

Improves overall handling, lowers irregular wear, and increases tire life.

Combination of tread compound, pattern design, and overall casing structure that significantly improves tire durability and rigidit

Tire Structure


High wear resistance for longer mileage

Nanoscale-reinforced rubber tread compounds
Enables tight bonding between filling molecules for higher wear resistance
Dynamic pressure balancing technology
Optimizes tread contour for better performing wear resistance and tire contact pressure distribution for minimized irregular wear and extended mileage

Lower noise for increased comfort

Cross-shaped groove design for noise reduction
Cross-shaped groove effectively disperses airflow and reduces vibration, thereby reducing noise
Innovative tread block noise reduction technology
Reduces impact of tread blocks on the road surface for lower noise and greater comfort

Stronger casing for higher loads

High-strength casing construction
Casing build with next-generation high-strength polyester fiber for 30% higher strength and in creased safety
Crown steel with high loadability
Enhanced tread rigidity, puncture resistance and loadability


How to read your tire?
Size PR Speed Rating Load Index Sidewall
275/55R20 NA H BSW
17 225/65R17 NA H 106 BSW
17 255/70R17 NA T 112 BSW
17 265/65R17 NA H 112 BSW
17 265/65R17 NA T 112 BSW
17 265/65R17 NA S 116 BSW
17 265/70R17 NA T 115 BSW
18 265/60R18 NA H 110 BSW
18 265/60R18 NA H 114 BSW
18 265/65R18 NA H 114 BSW
18 265/65R18 NA T 114 BSW
18 265/70R18 NA T 116 BSW
19 225/55R19 NA V 103 BSW
19 235/55R19 NA V 105 BSW
19 255/55R19 NA V 111 BSW
20 275/50R20 NA W 113 BSW
20 275/55R20 NA H 113 BSW
20 275/60R20 NA H 115 BSW