Giti 4x4 Tires | On-road and Off-road tire ranges

4x4 Tires

No roads? No problem! Giti Tire’s range of 4x4 offerings are designed with the adventurer in mind, who truly enjoys driving both on-road and off.


There are different tread patterns and compounds depending on the type of driving you do and the size of your vehicles. Good 4x4 tires require strong driving capabilities in both on-road and off-road conditions.

  • On-Road Driving

Whether or not you enjoy off-road adventures, you still need a tire that can handle your day-to-day traveling and driving, be it on a highway or in a neighborhood. Depending on the type of driving that you do, an HT (Highway-focused terrain) provides more of a moderate tread that gives consistent overall driving comfort as well as the ability for limited off-road and uneven terrain use, making it a popular option for everyday drivers who also want some more flexibility.

  • Off-Road Driving

Giti 4x4 tires have special tread and compound designs that enhance durability and allow for off-road driving, even in very challenging rock terrains. For drivers that enjoy this, a more rugged AT (All-terrain) pattern often fit the best. While these type of tires sometimes will have less focus on silence and comfort, they make up for it with the durability, strength, and control needed to navigate whatever off-road adventures await.