RunFlat Tires

RunFlat Tires

Get peace of mind by using Giti RunFlat tires – incorporating all the premium construction and tread design with Giti’s special RunFlat technology.

Giti Tire RunFlat Benefits

Peace of mind

Giti's RunFlat tires give drivers the confidence that they won't be stranded with a flat tire.

More Trunk Space

Giti's RunFlat tires eliminate the need for a spare tire, allowing for more space to put the things that matter most to you.


The Inner Support Ring

Inside the tire supports the vehicle after a loss of air pressure,allowing the tire to function and the vehicle to continue on the road.


With spare Tire


Using RunFlat Tire


Giti Control 288

  Size Speed Rating Load Index
17 205/45RF17 W 88
  225/15RF17 W 91
  225/50RF17 W 98
  225/55RF17 W 97
18 225/40RF18 W 92
  225/45RF18 W 95
  225/50RF18 W 95
  235/50RF18 V 97
  245/45ZRF18 V 100
  245/50ZRF18 W 100
  Size Speed Rating Load Index
18 255/40RF18 W 95
  275/40ZRF18 Y 99
19 235/45RF19 V 95
  235/45RF19 V 95
  245/40ZRF19 Y 98
  275/35ZRF19 Y 96
  275/40ZRF19 Y 101
20 245/40ZRF20 Y 99
  275/35ZRF20 Y 102

Giti Control P80

  Size Speed Rating Load Index
17 225/60RF17 V 99
18 255/55RF18 W 109
19 235/55RF19 V 101
  255/50RF19 W 107
20 255/45RF20 W 101
  275/40RF20 W 106
  315/35RF20 W 110

GitiComfort 288v1

  Size Speed Rating Load Index
16 205/55RF16 V 91
  225/55RF16 W 95

Giti Tire Run-Flat Ride Comfort


Ensures drivability and durability at zero inflation pressure.


Low heat generating bead filter ensures drivability and durability at zero inflation pressure. Bead allows the tire to firmly grip to the wheel even at zero inflation pressure.


The optimal use of materials and components reduce the size of self-supporting rubber and reduce the stiffness of tire sidewall,improving riding comfort.

Giti Self-Supporting Run-Flat Tire Offers Greater Peace Of Mind

Runflat Tire


Temporary extended mobility for up to distance of 80km at speed of up to 80km/hr.

Normal Tire


The pressure decreases immediately and the friction produces heat.