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Van/Light Truck Tires

Van and light truck tires are designed for small commercial vehicles, that require the ability to travel both in cities and outside for deliveries and other purposes.

giti-truck-tiresThese tires focus on keeping strong mileage and durability, to keep drivers focused on their business and not on their tires.

  • Durability & Consistency

While driving through different areas, you may encounter different road conditions and your tires may come in contact with debris and other obstacles. Giti’s Van and Light Truck tires are built to prevent damage from these hazards while delivering strong performance in wet and dry driving, as well as water evacuation. This keeps your tires driving longer and makes your business operations smoother.

  • Mileage & Savings

The most important thing for businesses that operate commercial light trucks and vans is the mileage and savings that they offer. This is often determined by the cPk or ‘cost-per-kilometer’ that is calculated from the purchase cost and the total distance a tire can travel. Giti tires are built to go longer and with less issues, therefore providing overall savings for your vehicle.