Urban Application Tires

Urban Application Tires

Frequent city driving requires unique tire solutions. Fortunately, Giti is here to support your needs.

Urban Application

Urban commercial truck and bus tires are needed for frequent city driving, which requires a lot of stop-and-go driving, tight turns, and potential road hazards. To ensure the safety of your vehicle and its contents or passengers, your fleet needs tires that stand up to the test.

To support this, Giti Tire provides a range of offerings for your fleet’s vehicles, from dedicated bus tires to truck service products, depending on the wheel position, size, and type of driving you require. Stay safe and efficient while keeping your costs down at the same time!


  • One Way Travel Distance is Less Than 50 Kms. 
  • Vehicle Annual Mileage – 30,000 Kms to 95,000 Kms.
  • One Way Distance Includes Only Urban Roads.
  • Average Speed is Less Than 50 Kms at Full Load.