Long Haul Application Tires

Long Haul Application Tires

Giti has a wide range of long-haul commercial tires to service needs for driving long distances.

Long Haul Application

For long-distance truck and bus fleets driving across wide areas and distances on clean terrains, tires need to have a great deal of focus on:

  • High mileage
  • Durability over long distances
  • Overall cost-per-kilometer (CpK)

What Makes a Long Haul tire application?giti-long-haul-tires

  • Heavy Loads and High Speeds for Extended Periods of Time.
  • Primarily Interstate or Divided Highways.

Giti Tire has spent decades created tire patterns to serve the exact needs for long-haul usage, and have received accolades from fleets around the world delivering goods across long distances.giti-tire-application

  • One Way Travel Distance Generally Exceeds 500 Kms.
  • Vehicle Annual Mileage – 130,000 Kms to 325,000 Kms.
  • One Way Distance Only Based On Highways.
  • Average Speed is Between 80 – 100 Kms at Full Load.