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About Us

Giti Tire is a Singapore-Based, Global Tire Company, offering a complete range of quality tires and services.

A Global Tire Company

Giti Tire is a Singapore-based Global Tire Company offering a complete range of quality tires and services. The company provides tires to more than 130 countries and is ranked among the world's largest tire companies.

Company Overview

Green & Global Production

Giti Tire focuses on strong environmental protection and promoting ethical growth and contribution to society, in the company's eight factories spanning three countries.

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Circuit & Offroad Races

Motorsports is a fantastic opportunity that enables Giti Tire to test tires under extreme conditions

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Growing, Innovating

Giti Tire Global One R&D continues to grow and synchronize its technology resources with the fast evolving automotive trends for its product performances to remain relevant to the market.

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Technology For The Future

The world is evolving faster than ever, and it is extremely important to stay on top of digital trends and development, in order to stay relevant and successful in the marketplace.

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Giti Around The World

This begins from Giti's 10 offices, five manufacturing plants in three countries, and tire sales in more than 130 countries around the world, and continues with Giti's highly diverse team-members, partners, and activities globally.

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Passenger Car & Trucks

Through partnerships with leading global auto manufacturers, Giti has gained strong brand notoriety and the ability of users to experience the satisfaction of its products.

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Key Facts and Figures

Giti Tire focuses on maximizing shareholder value through continuous growth while utilizing responsible management practices.


2022 Revenue

15th highest of all tire companies in the world



Singapore, China, Indonesia, U.S., Germany, Dubai, U.K. and more


Employees Worldwide

Around 30,000 employees across the globe


Points of Sale

In more than 130 countries


World-Class R&D and Testing Centers

In the US, Germany, Indonesia, China, and UK

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Measuring Progress
from Triple Bottom Line

As one of the world’s top tire companies, Giti Tire serves more than 130 global markets. Its market leadership position is backed by a comprehensive range of quality tires and services.

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Headquartered in Singapore

Since entering China in 1993, Giti Tire has grown to be one of the leading tire companies globally in terms of revenue.

Giti Tire operates world class manufacturing plants in China, Indonesia, and the United States vertically integrated into strategic raw materials to mitigate supply risk and quality control which also covers quality services for customers. Our history is one of growth and achievement, and we strive to continue this towards the future.

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Key Milestones


Giti’s roots go back to production of bicycle tires and inner tubes in Indonesia


The name ‘Giti Tire’ was established with development of a full passenger car and light truck tire factory in Anhui, China


US and European offices established


Opened US Manufacturing Facility


Giti’s Audi R8 Duo and Girls Only racing team make huge splash at Nürburgring

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