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Environmental, Social
and Governance

Giti Tire continues to place a great deal of focus on creating a sustainable organization for the earth, the people and the community.

Mission & Commitment

As the social and environmental impacts of climate change, resource depletion and biodiversity loss become more evident. The organization has worked tirelessly to address these challenges and continue to contribute to the larger community in general. The Giti Group has always placed a great deal of focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. They have committed themselves to environmental protection, helping the less fortunate, green manufacturing, employee health and wellness and with a strong drive to help the youth by focusing their education into making the world a better place.

Awards & Accreditations



Committed towards environmental protection, Giti Tire’s green manufacturing contributes towards a better environment.

About Green Manufacturing


Giti Tire, in a partnership agreement with Conservation International (CI), pledged USD $1 million for its conservation projects.



The Giti Certification Center was founded to “Professional, Authentic, and Applicable” training concepts.

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Focus on Education

Education is a huge part of the Giti Group’s effort, including partnerships with many top global universities to sponsor and work together on major high-tech projects.

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Helping Out the Less Fortunate

Giti Tire also reaches out to help those in need, and is committed to partnerships that drive positive social change.

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