Digital and In-Person Activities Highlight Giti’s Anniversary Day

Digital and In-Person Activities Highlight Giti’s Anniversary Day

Digital and In-Person Activities Highlight Giti’s Anniversary Day

30 Oct 2020 Company Updates
Digital and In-Person Activities Highlight Giti’s Anniversary Day

Giti Tire employees and partners celebrated Giti’s Anniversary on October 28, 2020, a day which included exciting online and offline events. This is a time that the Giti Family comes together in appreciation for each other and the time together both on a professional and personal level.

Due to the fact that the current situation has prevented most travel during the year, many Giti team employees and partners had not been able to meet up for a long period of time. Therefore, video calls were held for Giti employees and partners to see each other, share updates, and watch some newly produced videos. While digital meetings cannot replace in-person gatherings, it was a happy opportunity for team members around the world to celebrate.

In countries where meeting in-person responsibly is possible, there were offline gatherings of Giti teams, as well as partner offices and tire shops. This included in-person meetups in Singapore, Shanghai, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Middle East, among others – and featured special Giti cakes and other treats to bring positivity in an otherwise challenging year. There was also a range of social media sharing and other activities during the month leading up to the actual day.

The theme of the Anniversary Day’s discussions mostly involved looking back on the challenging year that the whole world has experienced, and reflecting on both the struggles but the positives, especially in recent months where better signs have come from customer markets. Together as a Giti family of employees, partners, and drivers, Giti Tire has been able to weather the storm and is optimistic for even more positive growth in the months and years to come.

In addition to the digital and in-person celebrations, the employee Giti Art@Home contest entries were showcased, with the three randomly selected entrants winning prizes. In total, 39 creative employee entries were received, from all different styles and even children submissions. The contest remains open to the general public and distributors through October 31, and entries can be submitted at

About Giti Tire

Giti Tire Group (headquartered in Singapore) has roots in the tire business going back to 1951 and is now one of the world’s largest tire companies. Giti Tire produces a broad range of tire products, serving major original equipment vehicle manufacturers, auto-service outlets, motorsports teams, tire dealers, and consumers in more than 130 countries worldwide. The company has eight production centers in three countries, including a newly opened tire factory in South Carolina, USA.

In addition to its wide network and motorsports presence, Giti Tire is also heavily focused on green production and community efforts, including participation in local education and environmental efforts to create a better society.

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