Giti Tire Joins as a Full Member of the GDSO

Giti Tire Joins as a Full Member of the GDSO

Giti Tire Joins as a Full Member of the GDSO

26 Sep 2022 Company Updates
Giti Tire Joins as a Full Member of the GDSO

Giti Tire joined as a GDSO full member and is dedicated to shaping the future of the tire industry and its services.

6 short months after the Global Data Service for Tyres and Automotive Components (GDSO) was established in January 2022, Giti proudly joined as a full member of the GDSO in July 2022. The GDSO is a non-profit association dedicated to the standardization, simplification and sharing of data related to tires.

The GDSO is based off an initiative over six years between 5 tire companies, like Michelin & Bridgestone, to define and outline standards for tire data and a global technical solution for retrieving data from participating companies. This can be done via a system utilizing a Unique Item Identifier (UII) which would allow stakeholders to explore new connected services.

Building upon this minimum viable product, the GDSO is able to provide innovative services that allow for tasks along the tire value chain to be solved more easily through electronic tire identification and APIs that can retrieve standardized data via remote execution.

Utilizing simple technologies, like RFID chips installed in tires, the tire’s UII can be extracted via an RFID scanner and communicated to the databases of the various tire companies. When the UII’s source company, like Giti, has been identified, its identification key is verified and the information from the source company is released back to the query to provide accurate information regarding the tire.

Through this standardised UII system and network of API connections with major tire manufacturers, the GDSO looks to improve the way tire specifications are communicated between manufacturer and customer, improving accuracy, reducing time required for tracking and reporting and reducing the occurrences of human error.

By joining the GDSO network, Giti Tire aims to actively participate in this platform, engaging in open communication and the sharing knowledge, to create new services for a safer and more sustainable mobility journey, catalysing the development of the tire industry for the future.

Find out more about the GDSO here.


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