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Fleet Services

With better quality, better service, and better value for - Giti Tire strives to provide world-class fleet support

Producing great quality commercial truck and bus tires alone is not enough to meet the true needs that fleets have in today’s world. Strong attention must also be given to the services and tools that can provide the knowledge of how to best utilize their tires, depending on a variety of terrain and vehicle applications. Giti Tire is able to combine the range, quality, and value that make its commercial tires a valuable solution to fleet needs.


A strong focus has been placed on the introduction and growth of Giti brand Truck and Bus tires, with trainings to demonstrate the product and service advantages over top global competitors, as well as high-quality support materials to provide value and savings to customers. These advantages been backed up from testimonials received from a wide variety of fleets around the world, from all different industries and applications of use.


Integrated Support System

Giti implements a personalized and detailed process to its fleets, in order to provide the targeted services that best meet peoples' needs. These include Tire Selection, Tire Application Tracking, Tire Inspection, Value-Added Services, Technical Support, and Emergency Handling. Each area is supported by personal training and visits from Giti's expert technical support team, as well as support on trials and data to back up processes. Altogether, this provides fleets with better results.

Truck and Bus Fleet Stories

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