Sedan Tires

Sedan Tires

Whether you are looking for a focus on control, comfort, or fuel-savings, Giti has a great option for your car.


With a strong reputation globally, Giti Tire is a trusted OEM partner on numerous car models around the world. On the replacement tire side, Giti Tire brands can be found in more than 130 countries globally, offering the quality, construction, and features for needs of all types of drivers.

  • Comfort

A quiet ride and comfort are important areas for your driving experience. Giti Tire makes sure to put in the technology and dedication to making your journey smooth, with a variety of all-around and comfort-focused tire options.

  • Control

Strong control and handling give you the opportunity to take on all obstacles! With a wide range of premium offerings for top-end and mid-range vehicles, Giti focuses on strong wet and dry driving that can handle roads of all types.

  • Safety

Nothing is more important than the safety of you and your family and friends. Therefore, it is vital to utilize top quality and consistent tires that go through extensive testing. This allows Giti tires to be able to be able to limit rolling resistance and brake fast.

  • Fuel Savings

Having good fuel savings tires benefits both your wallet and the environment. Giti Tire always tries to find ways to reduce wastage in production of its tires, while also making its products use less fuel to provide strong mid-term and long-term savings.