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SUV Tires

SUV’s are the fastest growing segment of vehicles worldwide, combining the comfort, convenience, and space to bring family and friends.

giti-suv-tiresThese needs require tires to match, providing great performance as well as safety for drivers and their passengers.

  • Comfort

SUV and CUV vehicles are designed to for space and comfort. Giti offers a range of tires with a focus on this area, limiting noise and distractions for a peaceful ride. This includes using special noise-reduction technology and also special buffering to limit the pressure from road contact.

  • Control

Just because a vehicle is larger doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have great handling. Control-themed tire offerings from Giti tire maximize performance in this area particularly, however all of Giti Tire’s products are designed to provide great grip and wet/dry handling.

  • Safety

Safety goes into all aspects of Giti’s design, production, and quality control. For SUV vehicles, this dedication to consistency and safety ensures protection for you and your fellow riders for the journey ahead.

  • Fuel Savings

For larger vehicles, fuel cost is a concern, as each trip to refuel at the station adds up. With Giti’s eco-friendly design process, fuel can be reduced from driving, also protecting the environment while you feel more at ease.