‘Best Truck Driver’ Program in China Brings Drivers Benefits and Rewards

‘Best Truck Driver’ Program in China Brings Drivers Benefits and Rewards

15 Nov 2017 Products & Services Trucks & Fleet
‘Best Truck Driver’ Program in China Brings Drivers Benefits and Rewards

Giti Tire’s ‘Best Truck Driver’ campaign has concluded with a final ceremony held in Beijing, China.

Giti Tire’s ‘Best Truck Driver’ campaign in China recently successfully concluded with a finals ceremony held in Beijing, that included major media platforms Tencent, People.com.cn, Sina, CNR Network, and many more.

The focus of the ‘Best Truck Driver’ program was to recognize the hard work of the 30 million transportation drivers in China. As the title sponsor of the program, Giti Tire sought out thousands of stories while on the road around the country. Based on promoting drivers’ focus on safety, energy-saving, public welfare, and skill, Giti launched its club platform which offers the drivers cards and exclusive benefits. Through the initiative, there was effective enrollment across the country's 24 provinces and autonomous regions, gaining media attention and strong word-of-mouth brand response in the trucking industry. After the selection of nearly a year, 10 outstanding members participated among the final month championship finals, earning free tires and more for their great efforts.

In addition, the campaign promoted the "practical way" of Giti Tire use, focusing on the development and production of suitable tires, meeting China driver demand for the products, and becoming the preferred tire brand Chinese owners. The “Best Truck Driver’ platform, with Giti's strong comprehensive advantages of safe driving and technical service, help bring drivers more in-depth understanding of tire and vehicle driving knowledge, enhance the service life of tires, and help to improve the efficiency of transportation. Giti Tire has been advocating "loving trucker culture", and is committed to promoting the industry and attaching great importance to truck driver groups, respecting their work, and making their lives easier.

General Manager of Giti Tire China Sales and Marketing Chen Fuzhong described, "30 million full-time drivers undertake the mission of logistics and transport in China. We are very honored to have the opportunity to be the title sponsor of the contest, witnessing drivers’ character, professionalism, and skill. We also hope that through the China ‘Best Driver’ platform, we can let drivers experience the "Giti Club" quality products and professional services, and continue to build trust to Chinese drivers as their preferred tire brand."


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