Driving Forward: Giti Tires Shine as OEM Choice

Driving Forward: Giti Tires Shine as OEM Choice

Driving Forward: Giti Tires Shine as OEM Choice

03 May 2024 Company Updates OEM & Awards Top News
Driving Forward: Giti Tires Shine as OEM Choice

Among the top ten passenger car brands at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, 8 work collaboratively with Giti Tire.

The 18th Beijing Auto Show in 2024 with the theme of "New Era, New Cars" came to a successful conclusion. According to official data, the show saw the global premiere of 117 vehicles and 278 electric vehicle models, which was the highest number to date. This influx of new cars not only highlighted the latest innovations from major car manufacturers but also underscored the industry's shift towards sustainability, electrification, and intelligence, especially evident in the display of electric vehicles.

As one of the global leading tire company, Giti Tire continues to collaborate closely with major automobile manufacturers to drive technological innovation, enhance manufacturing processes, improve product performance, diversify its product range, and expedite market expansion in the electric vehicle sector.


GitiControl P10 tires on a Volkwagen at the Beijing Auto Show

If you’re a car manufacturing powerhouse, look to Giti for supporting facilities.

Currently, the global automobile industry is facing the urgent need to profoundly reshape and adapt to realize transformation and upgrading. Electric vehicles have become the main focus of the transformation, with technological advances and green development becoming the direction and strategic choice for all players in the current automotive industry battle.

Giti Tire focuses in on the cutting-edge trends, innovations and breakthroughs in the automotive industry, and ensures comprehensive support of the market with continuous refreshment of its product matrix, expanding its premium tire series (with its iconic GitiControl P10), off-road Giti4x4 series, and best-selling GitiComfort Series continuously increasing Giti Tire's territory in the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) field. Among the top ten passenger car brands, 8 are supported by and work collaboratively with Giti Tire. During the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Giti Tire's presence was distinctive, subtly yet prominently featured on vehicles from renowned brands like BYD, GAC, SAIC, Changan, Great Wall, Volkswagen, Geely, and Chery.


Giti tires can be seen everywhere at the Beijing Auto Show

Science and technology promote development, innovation wins the future

Giti Tire gains momentum in powering high-quality development through the insight into market changes and capitalization on opportunities. In 2024, Giti Tire will follow three the main strategies of being "technology-driven, digital-driven, and talent-driven" to develop intelligent, high-performance tires that meet the needs of electric vehicles, furthering its efforts in the field of electric vehicles, and establishing a sustainable development path for itself in the industry. This creates a model that injects new impetus into the global automotive industry.

The current implementation of many technological innovations such as smart tires, RFID-chipped tires, self-sealing tires, silent foam tires, low-temperature low rolling resistance tires, tires made of sustainably sourced materials, etc. demonstrates that Giti has and will continue placing technological innovation as a high priority. With its global network and excellent technology, it firmly grasps the technological development direction of future travel.


GitiControl P10 tires seen on the iCar at the Beijing Auto Show

On the vibrant and charming stage of the Beijing Auto Show, new achievements in technological innovation of the global automobile industry were displayed, reflecting the development direction of the industry, driven by technological innovation. As a parts and components supporting partner for many domestic and foreign car companies, Giti Tire will accelerate the creation of industry-leading technology, actively promoting the advancements of scientific and technological innovations, power breakthroughs into the high-end market, and create increasingly higher-end products that help the accelerating advancing leaps of the automobile industry.

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