Giti Australian Formula Open: Australia’s Home Of Wings And Slicks

Giti Australian Formula Open: Australia’s Home Of Wings And Slicks

Giti Australian Formula Open: Australia’s Home Of Wings And Slicks

25 Jun 2024 Motorsports
Giti Australian Formula Open: Australia’s Home Of Wings And Slicks

Discover the thrilling world of single-seater racing with the Giti Australian Formula Open (AFO) series, the premier destination for “wings and slicks” open-wheeler race cars in Australia.

The Australian Formula Open (AFO) has officially announced Giti Tire as its Official Race Tire partner for the 2024 season. Giti is dedicated to provide full technical support for all AFO series events this season, which commenced in February and will run until November 2024. 

The 2024 AFO season features seven rounds, including prominent events at Winton Raceway and Sydney Motorsport Park. One of the highlights of the season was the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia round at Shell V-Power Motorsport Park in June. The series will conclude with the headline event at the 2024 Island Magic in November.

AFO, known for its multi-class structure, remains one of the few championships in the single-seater racing landscape following the indefinite suspension of the S5000 series earlier this year. The competition is divided into four classes: AFO1, AFO2, AFO3, and AFO4. AFO1 features Formula 3 cars adhering to regulations from 2002 to 2012. AFO2 includes vehicles from the Toyota Racing Series, Formula BMW, Formula Renault, and Formula Ford. AFO3 is for invitational entries, while AFO4 comprises all Formula 4 cars.


The AFO will use the GitiCompete GTR1 tire as their main racing tire, aligning it with various international open-wheeler series that run the same brand of tire. This strategic decision aims to ease the transition for young Australian racers into international competitions by providing them with a reliable and high-performing tire. Renowned for its advanced engineering and rigorous testing, the GitiCompete GTR1 features a unique compound and tread design optimized to deliver exceptional grip and stability at high speeds, making it indispensable for drivers aiming to push their limits on the circuit.

Giti Tire brings together a dedicated team of experts and engineers at each race to ensure that our tires and teams are fully equipped to handle the unique track and weather conditions. This proactive approach not only enhances performance on the racetrack but also drives ongoing research and integrates feedback to improve our products for everyday use.

Giti eagerly anticipates collaborating closely with organizers, crews, and drivers to enhance the synergy between expertise and mechanical performance during the races. We remain at the forefront of tire technology in such prestigious events, leveraging extensive experience and R&D insights to explore new possibilities and pioneer advancements. 

The Giti Australian Formula Open will next race at Queensland Raceway from August 2-4, 2024. As the season progresses, fans and participants alike can look forward to thrilling races and the continued growth of the Giti Tire brand in the Australian motorsport scene.

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