Giti Tire Receives Awards from Top Global Companies Tencent and Walmart

Giti Tire Receives Awards from Top Global Companies Tencent and Walmart

Giti Tire Receives Awards from Top Global Companies Tencent and Walmart

06 Feb 2018 OEM & Awards
Giti Tire Receives Awards from Top Global Companies Tencent and Walmart

Giti Tire has got awards from Walmart and Top Global Companies Tencent.

In recent days, Giti Tire has been awarded honors from two of the world’s top global companies, Tencent and Walmart. The award from Tencent recognized Giti for its excellence in Social Responsibility, while the award from Walmart honored the strengths of Giti Tire and its new U.S. factory in its manufacturing.

Tencent Top Corporate Responsibility Award

Tencent is the largest technological company in Asia with over USD $500 Billion valuation, and is fast-becoming one of the most influential in the world. Giti Tire is proud to have been awarded the company’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Award at Tencent’s ‘Wisdom of Winning the Future’ summit meeting on January 31.

The award was in recognition of Giti Tire’s strong commitment to the environment and social responsibility in its factories, as well as in local communities. From the production side, Giti has worked hard for years on its strategy of sustainable development, not only to build efficient energy-saving and safe tires, but also helping to reduce the environmental impact of tires throughout their whole life cycle, as well as more personal practice of corporate social responsibility. This has resulted in reduced fresh water consumption by 49%, coal consumption by 35%, and sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and soot emissions all by greater than 80%.

In local communities, Giti Tire has focused on creating positive solutions to build happier people and environments. A recent example of 2017 was during the mass migration of Tibetan antelope season, Giti tire led 14 national volunteers in-depth exploration unmanned area, helping to protect the Tibetan antelope, and donating off-road tires to locals to protect them in their daily life and work. Additionally, Giti put in significant commitments to Conservation International and other organizations.


Walmart Manufacturing Award

In addition to its environmental commitment, Giti Tire was also recognized for its strong manufacturing commitment by Walmart USA, the world’s largest retail company. The award was presented at the Walmart Supplier Growth Forum, and is specifically for offshore manufacturers who have initiated strong manufacturing operations in the US.

Giti Tire has focused a great deal on the quality of its manufacturing and research facilities, with its new US factory bringing in new jobs and technologies to local communities, as well as allowing for more efficient distribution. The same dedication also goes into each of the companies seven other factories in China and Indonesia.

“We are thrilled to now be manufacturing American made tires for American consumers,” said Julianto Djajadi, executive vice president of business operations for Giti Tire USA, who accepted the award on behalf of the tire company. “This award is an acknowledgement of a great team effort, demonstrating Giti’s commitment to the North American market.”

In addition to this recent recognition, Giti Tire was also awarded ‘Automotive Supplier of the Year’ and ‘Hardlines Supplier of the Year’ by Walmart USA in 2016.

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