Engineering Unique Formulations for Performance in Giti Competition Tires at FRMEC

Engineering Unique Formulations for Performance in Giti Competition Tires at FRMEC

Engineering Unique Formulations for Performance in Giti Competition Tires at FRMEC

10 Jan 2023 Motorsports
Engineering Unique Formulations for Performance in Giti Competition Tires at FRMEC

Giti Tire returns in the spirit of excellence once again as the Official Race Tire of the Middle East in support of the Formula Regional Middle East Championship (FRMEC) 2023.

Giti at Formula Regional Middle East Championship 2023

In 2022, the teams across Giti continued to strive for excellence, dedicating themselves to developing technologies and producing products that have the ability to withstand the stressors of everyday driving. Moving from 2022 into 2023, Giti is geared up and ready to hit the road running. Starting with one of the earliest races of the year, the Formula Regional Middle East Championship (FRMEC).

The FRMEC is a platform where proven champions go toe-to-toe with intriguing newcomers to win a coveted position on the podium or even get a chance to be scouted to rise to a different level of racing. In 2022, the champion, Arthur Leclerc, used his victory to springboard himself to graduate to Formula 2, and in 2023, his ex-teammate, Dino Beganovic, and recent addition to the Mumbai Falcons team, Lorenzo Fluxá, are among the many racers who are competing to follow in Leclerc’s footsteps.

But what does this mean for Giti? 

This high octane races provide a unique platform for Giti to test tires. In these races, Giti is able to push the tires to the extreme under the most challenging conditions. This also provides the unique opportunity for “incredible achievements born from the synergy between our engineering and racing teams” comments Mr Chris Bloor, Executive Director – International Sales & Marketing at Giti Tire.

Through this synergy, sparks fly and products that deliver safety, reliability, resilience and performance are created, “and the proof is in the wins!” exclaims Mr Bloor, as he proudly shared on the success of Giti tires and credited the successes that Giti tires achieve on the various race tracks around the world to the dedicated engineers of Giti, “who have worked first-hand with both the car brands and individual racing teams to collaborate and create completely custom tires for their exact cars, conditions and strategies.”

Global Success of Giti Tires

Besides its success in the FRMEC, various Giti tires are used in different races and rallies around the world. At the 24-hour Nürburgring, the Giti Angels, the first only-girls team at this race, claimed the third prize in their class in the 2022 edition while the Giti Gazelles traversed sand and dune to emerge 5th in an 8-day desert rally in Morocco. But the teams are not slowing down.

“Around the globe, Giti racked up huge racing wins in 2022 and looks to achieve more in 2023” said Mr Bloor as he shared the intentions of Giti’s racing teams in 2023. Giti is proud to announce their support once again of the FRMEC in its upcoming races.

Date Location Event
9 – 10 January 2023 Autodrome, Dubai, UAE FRMEC Pre-season Test
13 – 14 January 2023 Autodrome, Dubai, UAE FRMEC Round 1
27 – 28 January 2023 Kuwait Motor Town, Kuwait FRMEC Round 2
31 January  – 1 February 2023 Kuwait Motor Town, Kuwait FRMEC Round 3
11 – 12 February 2023 Autodrome, Dubai, UAE FRMEC Round 4
18 – 19 February 2023 Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, UAE FRMEC Round 5

Giti’s Focus in 2023

Even though Giti is primed for great successes on the track, off the track, Giti is also paying great attention to its impact on the environments in which it operates. Sharing on Giti’s commitment to sustainable business development, Mr Bloor concluded by saying that their “focus on environmentally-friendly tires for electric vehicles really rounds up the focus on results and performance both on the track and in drivers’ daily neighbourhoods”.

About Giti Tire

Giti Tire is one of the largest tyre companies in the world in terms of both volume and revenue. With a brand portfolio including Giti, GT Radial, Runway and Dextero, the company offers a complete product range for Europe including passenger car, SUV, van, light truck (PCR), heavy truck and bus (TBR).

Giti Tire is focused on building sustainable partnerships with distributors, retailers, truck and bus fleets, vehicle manufacturers and other leading industry companies and organisations to provide high-quality products with excellent service.

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Singapore, the company has grown to over 30,000 global employees and distributes to more than 130 countries.

Giti Tire’s state-of-the-art European R&D facilities are located in Hannover, Germany and the renowned MIRA facility in the UK, working in conjunction with other global research and development centers in China, Indonesia and the USA.

Giti Tire is fully committed to maintaining the very highest standard of quality control procedures and has obtained IATF 16949:2016 accreditation for all of its manufacturing plants. All plants supplying Europe have obtained ISO14001 Environmental Management System Accreditation.

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