Giti Tire Announces 2nd Half 2020 Motorsports Schedule as Racing Gets Back on the Road

Giti Tire Announces 2nd Half 2020 Motorsports Schedule as Racing Gets Back on the Road

Giti Tire Announces 2nd Half 2020 Motorsports Schedule as Racing Gets Back on the Road

19 Jun 2020 Motorsports Company Updates
Giti Tire Announces 2nd Half 2020 Motorsports Schedule as Racing Gets Back on the Road

Updated calendar includes 24 Hours Nürburgring, return to Formula DRIFT USA, Giti Truck Racing, and more action!

In late February, Giti completed its successful Formula 3 Asian Championship series for the year in Thailand. Little did anyone know that it would be more than four months before drivers would be able to get back on the track racing again. In the meantime, the company’s drivers has been busy doing sim-racing action with some of the highest technology and competition around, but this cannot meet the same feeling as actual tire rubber hitting the track. Now on the 27th of June, Giti will return to the race circuit, kicking off an action-packed few months that will include a variety of races.

Given the fluid situation relating to the COVID-19 virus, the races are tentative and subject to change. In addition, a number of the races will take place without spectators. Please see the Giti Motorsports Calendar at for continuous updates of Giti’s racing events around the world, including new ones added.

High-Powered and Diverse Racing Takes on 24 Hours Nürburgring and Eight Other Races

To kick off its return to track racing, Giti Tire will return on June 27 to Nürburgring for the fourth year, competing in nine races from June-November, and headlined by the 24 Hours Nürburgring featured event from Sept 24-27. This year’s action with WS Racing will feature a return of the groundbreaking Giti’s ‘Girls Only’ team – which shattered expectations in their debut season last year with an inspirational 24 Hours Nürburgring performance and a class victory in their final Endurance race of the season. These Giti’s Angels will take the helm of their VW Golf GTI TCR car as they look to climb even higher in 2020. In addition, Giti will also drive a Audi R8 LMS GT4 and VT2 Golf vehicles, with additional entries possible for later races.

Nürburgring is one of the world’s longest and most famous tracks, known for its challenging turns and unpredictable weather. This makes it an exciting and ideal venue for Giti’s competition racing and tire testing purposes. Since Giti’s 2017 debut at the headline 24 Nürburgring race, the company has had very strong success, including a #1/#2 finish in the highly competitive SP8 class during last year’s event.

Car and Driver Details:

Audi R8 LMS GT4: Carrie Schreiner, Henrik Bollerslev, Niklas Kry
VW Golf GTI TCR: Carrie Schreiner, Célia Martin, Laura Kraihamer
VW Golf VII GTI VT2: Andrei Sidorenko, Axel Jahn, Ulrich Schmidt

24 Hours Nürburgring Schedule:

Sept 24-27

Nürburgring Endurance Races Schedule: 

June 27, July 11, July 12, August 1, August 29, Oct 24, Nov 7, Nov 21

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Giti Returns to Formula DRIFT USA Following Three Year Hiatus

Giti Tire is excited to return to Formula DRIFT, North America’s professional drifting competition, using the GT Radial brand for the racing series. With three talented and up-and-coming drivers - Travis Reeder, Ryan Litteral and Kazuya Taguchi – using GT Radial branded cars and SX2 RS tires, the action should be exciting as racing heats back up in the US. The competitions will take part over four main events containing two rounds each, including competitions in St. Louis, MO, Monroe, WA, Ft. Worth, TX, and Irwindale, CA.

This series allows Giti to showcase its involvement in top glassroots drifting action, and continue building a community of fans among automotive and drifting enthusiasts in the United States.

Formula DRIFT USA Schedule: 

Sept 4-6, Sept 25-27, Oct 16-18, Nov 20-22

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Big Trucks Bring Big Racing Action in Europe

In another example of Giti’s racing strength and diversity, the company will bring its truck rigs back to the track in 2020. With four races in Europe scheduled and more planned for the year, these races are fast paced and entertaining.

For the truck racing, specially-designed GitiCompete Race-Tuned V1 tires are tuned through extensive development and testing, with technology that adapts Giti’s commercial truck tires to truck racing environments. Data analysis from these highly intensive racing environments is then also conducted to help improve Giti’s technology for all types of commercial truck and bus driving.

European Truck Races Schedule: 

Aug 22-23, Sept 19-20, Oct 3-4, Nov 7-8 (more to be confirmed)Gibson Pic 5 Edit

Fun Cup UK – Back in the Fun Again For the Fifth Year

For the fifth consecutive year, Giti Tire has been the sponsor and full tire provider of the UK Fun Cup series, providing big excitement to small cars. This year’s shortened season will take place in four different locations throughout England from August-October.

Utilizing GitiCompete GTR2 street/circuit racing tires, this series race lives up to its name with exciting and fun track action of modified Volkswagen Beetles. What the vehicles lack in size, they make up for in speed and entertainment.

Fun Cup UK Race Schedule: 

Aug 8, Aug 2, Sept 12, Oct 17

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Opportunities For R&D, Testing, and Digitalization

In addition to these events, Giti is continuing its participation in digital sim-racing, following the success and interest in it during the past few months. The company also plans to announce some more racing activities in the coming months, including the next Formula 3 Asian Series season, which is planned to return in the winter of 2020-2021.

As is always the case, Giti Tire will use these opportunities to further grow its brand reach globally, as well as a tool to develop continuous R&D improvements by taking part in such high-level competition. As the “ultimate proving ground”, the racetrack is the perfect opportunity to test tires in the toughest of conditions, and obtain results and strategy that are then used for tires driven everyday around the world.

About Giti Tire

Giti Tire Group (headquartered in Singapore) has roots in the tire business going back to 1951 and is now one of the world’s largest tire companies. Giti Tire produces a broad range of tire products, serving major original equipment vehicle manufacturers, auto-service outlets, motorsports teams, tire dealers, and consumers in more than 130 countries worldwide. The company has eight production centers in three countries, including a newly opened tire factory in South Carolina, USA.

In addition to its wide network and motorsports presence, Giti Tire is also heavily focused on green production and community efforts, including participation in local education and environmental efforts to create a better society.

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