Introducing the GitiSport GTR3

Introducing the GitiSport GTR3

Introducing the GitiSport GTR3

21 Jul 2023 Top News Company Updates Products & Services
Introducing the GitiSport GTR3

Drivers got a chance to experience the capabilities of a groundbreaking tire, Giti's road-legal semi-slick tire, the GitiSport GTR3.

Giti unveiled the eagerly-anticipated GitiSport GTR3 Powered by Sparco. This 100% street-legal, semi-slick tire is set to bring a fresh level of excitement to the world of high-performance driving, offering superior performance with speeds exceeding 300 km/h.

Designed and developed by the innovative minds at Giti’s Motorsport Division, with key insights from the European Testing Team in Mira (UK), the GitiSport GTR3 showcases Giti's commitment to innovation and performance. Drawing on advanced German Engineering and a motorsport-derived compound, this tire has been rigorously tested on both roads and race tracks to ensure an exceptional level of grip on dry surfaces, unrivaled steering precision, and enhanced braking capabilities.

"The GitiSport GTR3 is designed for a discerning segment of luxury car drivers, who demand not only high-speed and superior performance capabilities, but also a tire that strikes a balance between exhilarating racetrack performance and everyday usability. They value the thrilling experience and the control that comes with a high-performance vehicle. This tire is precisely crafted to cater to these involved needs of exploratory drivers, providing them with the confidence to master even the most demanding driving conditions," explains Mr. Fabio Pecci, Europe Senior Product Manager.

Emerging from over three years of dedicated research and development, the GitiSport GTR3 embodies Giti's pursuit of perfection and collaboration with Sparco. “Innovation in tire development is a journey that never ends. Giti is committed to investing significant resources into continually pushing the boundaries of tire performance and quality,” adds Mr. Mark Zhu, Motorsport Manager. 

The GitiSport GTR3 will be available in an extensive range of 13 sizes, from 17 to 20 inches, making it compatible with a broad spectrum of high-performance car models from the world’s leading manufacturers. Upon its launch, Giti will prioritize digital promotion through social media and our company's website, alongside strategic events in key locations worldwide.

It was with great pleasure that Giti announced, in March, the signing of a co-branding agreement as a global automotive tire partner of Sparco, the world’s leading manufacturer of motorsport safety systems and racing equipment. The deal, which focuses solely on the Giti brand, covers several areas, most noticeably for owners of high octane sports cars and SUVs. The Giti - Powered by Sparco® slogan will start to appear on the sidewall of key UHP sizes from 2024.

Giti – Powered by Sparco® will be the tagline that will drive all joint activities, with the development programme underpinned by the companies’ shared philosophies and values of ‘racing, performance, continuous safety and sustainability’. Sparco leisure clothing will also be available for Giti distributors and for frontline customer-facing dealers for whom there will be the option of bespoke customised garments. Furthermore, considering that Sparco also supply of a comprehensive range of gaming equipment, technical clothing and solutions will be available to support our established eSports activities.

Founded in Turin, Italy in 1977, Sparco has a long-established history in motorsport and in their launch year developed a fireproof racing suit that could withstand 11 seconds in fire, a record for the time. Since then continuous R&D has allowed the achievement of the best performance levels in the segment. Chosen by the best teams and drivers globally, Sparco can now list more than 300 global partnerships with leading motorsport players around the world including, first of all, Red Bull Racing and McLaren in Formula 1. In OEM segments Sparco is a supplier to many prestigious manufacturers including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Ford, Stellantis, Dallara and many others.

Stefan Brohs said: “The philosophy of both businesses couldn’t be more aligned with safety, performance, research and development and sustainability at the heart of what makes both businesses so special and successful. We will be using these core values to really drive each other to greater excellence.”

“We are totally aligned with Sparco’s code of ethics and environmental credentials,” added Chris Bloor. “We have an agreed commitment to work together for the betterment of people and the planet, and we will create a programme of activity to this end. This exclusive partnership will bring countless opportunities for both companies, we cannot be happier and wish to thank Sparco for reaching out to us with a hand of friendship.”

“Sparco has a long and valuable experience in the automotive sector and the idea of a partnership with Giti for the development of an ultra-high performance tire range - Giti – Powered by Sparco® - allows us to create a bridge with our core businesses” said Niccolò Bellazzini – Brand Manager at Sparco. “Since the very beginning of our conversations we found immediately several point of contact with Giti management and we are very satisfied we were able to favour such an important agreement that complete our presence in automotive world”, added.

The "Automotive Industry 2023" report by Brand Finance ranks Giti Tire as the 10th most valuable tire brand and highlights its position in the "Sustainability Perceptions Value" ranking. Giti Tire boasts a comprehensive product range catering to passenger cars, SUVs, vans, and heavy trucks, reaching consumers in more than 130 countries. Giti has joined the exclusive league of top tire manufacturers, being among the 10 tire brands globally approved for FIA Formula races.

A Pioneering Force in Tire Technology

Giti has committed itself to fostering sustainable partnerships with distributors, retailers, truck and bus fleets, vehicle manufacturers, and other industry leaders. The newly unveiled GitiSport GTR3 Powered by Sparco® stands as a testament to this commitment, backed by significant annual investments in research and development.

Giti's proprietary AdvanZtech technology is a game-changer, fusing advanced elements of Safety, Noise, Endurance, Fuel Savings, Smart-Tech, and Precision Handling. This technological innovation sets Giti apart from its competitors, providing unmatched benefits to its users.

Giti - The Preferred OEM Partner

Reflecting top-tier quality that exceeds stringent Original Equipment (OE) requirements, Giti Tires has secured its position as a top supplier for the Original Equipment Market. This market, currently experiencing unprecedented growth worldwide, is significantly driven by the advent of new electric models.

Through collaborative partnerships with global automakers, Giti plays a leading role in tire development for electric vehicles. This fortifies Giti's stature as a trusted partner to some of the world's most renowned car manufacturers. These noteworthy collaborations include industry giants like BYD, Volkswagen, GM, Fiat Chrysler, Renault, Smart, Audi, BMW, Nissan, Jac Motors, Mercedes Benz, FAW, Hyundai, and Foton.

Giti - Driving Change through ESG Initiatives 

Giti Tire embraces Environment, Social & Governance initiatives, coupled with a keen interest in sports, as a key element of its corporate DNA. This commitment is visible in the investments dedicated to education, environment, economy, and local community engagement.

Giti in Motorsports

Notably, Giti is involved in various motorsport events worldwide, gaining valuable tire data from rigorous real-world conditions, including hot deserts, snowy mountains, muddy rainforests, and multi-season tracks. Its participation in the British Truck Racing Championship, Fun Cup Endurance Championship, and Formula Regional Middle East underscores its prominence as a leading manufacturer of high-performance competition tires.

Giti supports teams in popular races and rallies promoting noble causes, with initiatives like the 100% female team competing in the 24-Hour Nürburgring under Giti Tire Motorsport by WS Racing, and the Giti Gazelles, rallying in support of causes such as cancer research and rural education.



Giti at a Glance

Giti Tire operates five manufacturing plants located in the United States, Indonesia, and China, with Research and Development centers in the United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Indonesia, and China. With commercial offices spread across the globe and more than 70,000 points of sales worldwide, Giti's commitment to quality control is evidenced by the IATF 16949:2016 accreditation and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Accreditation received by all its manufacturing plants.

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